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Gosh, what a surprise. I didn’t think my week could get any better, but seeing this today brought me a huge smile. Wyatt & Smith’s birth, if you remember, touched a lot of people. And, it happened to touch the ladies over at On to Baby, a charming style blog for everything baby. Their blog […]

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a birth story

I was working on this birth story today, (as I needed to finalize some edits so it could be added to my website). It’s a bit different than before….some images I added because I just love them so much more looking back on them again. But, it got me thinking about childbirth. About all the […]

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Their little boy has already given them such wonder, and joy. The sweetest expressions I saw during my time with them, the anticipation of his arrival spoke volumes on their faces. What true beauty pregnancy brings. I cannot wait to meet this child.              

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