sibling love | seattle lifestyle newborn photography

I’ve know this little gem since she was just 10 days old. Every few months I get to see her, laugh with her, and learn all the knew things she’s been doing. So much change. And, most recently she’s become a big sister. I couldn’t be more excited for them, and her. She will have the bestest friend for life.

And, what’s sweeter is seeing them together. I love all the stills we were able to get with the two of them.

new born baby with sister
new born baby with sister 2

Just a few months before we were able to photograph Lillian all on her own. Before her little sister came to meet them.

toddler lifestyle portraits
natural light, toddler, girl
toddler, running, in the garden
toddler, girl, portraits, natural light photography

spring is here | kirkland family photographer

I spent a lovely afternoon with this family. We, or maybe just their darling child, harvested some of their home grown crops – carrots and pears are her favorite. She was so proud to share them with me! Making smoothies, hanging out in their beautiful garden, swinging on her swing, running around barefoot, and picking fruit and veggies off their branches are all just part of their daily lives. This is what is so great about lifestyle photography, nothing set up or staged. Just photographing real life. And, I just love that they let me in on one of their relaxing, family spent weekend days.

kid eating carrots
baby girl picks veggies
little girls picks carrots
little girl carrots
little girl carrot
toddler picking carrots
seattle lifestyle photographer 8
drinking smoothie grin
drinking smoothie
baby girl smiles
toddler waves hi
toddler play
toddler play 2
dad swinging kid
seattle lifestyle photographer 4
seattle lifestyle photographer 3
seattle lifestyle photographer 2
seattle lifestyle photographer
seattle children photographer

What I love most is they decided to make a wall collage so they can enjoy these images everyday.  At the top of their main staircase is the story of the pictures we created together.

canvas collage kim charie photography

baby bump | lynnwood maternity photographer

I had such a great time with these guys, and their fur baby. What stood out to me most about these guys was how the spoke to one another. It was so endearing. They shared the sweetest words for each other throughout our time together. Him telling her how beautiful she was carrying their boy, her saying ‘I love you’…they are so wonderfully perfect. They are truly a lovely pair, and I couldn’t feel more happy for them.

seattle maternity photographer 8
seattle maternity photographer 7
seattle maternity photographer 6
seattle maternity photographer 5
seattle maternity photographer 4
seattle maternity photographer 3
seattle maternity photographer 2
seattle maternity photographer

baby eden | seattle baby photographer

This child is already ONE year old! How did that happen so fast?

I’ve been photographing her since she was just 10 days old. These friends of mine have invited me back every few months to photograph her as she grows. And, I love that we made a book together to show this full year.

seattle photographer book sample
seattle one year photographer 2
seattle family photographer 3
seattle family photographer 2
seattle family photographer 11
seattle baby photographer 10
seattle one year photographer 9
seattle baby photographer 8
seattle baby photographer 7
seattle baby photographer 6
seattle baby photographer 5
seattle baby photographer 4
seattle baby photographer 3
seattle baby photographer 2
seattle baby photographer 1

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